No Greater Pain

victor ross 3

No Greater Pain

Though My days are many
I find I pay attention to few
No thoughts, words or actions
Will ever take the place of you

Trickles of tears roll down my cheeks
As memories won’t leave me be
In perfect rhythm with the rain
Sullen salty and freely they leak

Time won’t stand still no matter how I long
Going through the motions
Not paying attention to clocks
The ticking sounds in my head, such a dreary song

Taken from my arms way too soon
Stolen in the dead of night
Though six years have past
To this pain, I am not immune

I hear our sweet daughter crying at night
Desperate for her daddy
Not understanding why
In the shadows her nightmares take flight

I have no words to console her
So I simply hold and we cry
Together in the dark
With shadows nearby

Though my pain is deep I wish to bare more
To ease the burden her tiny heart holds
For within her body
Then peace I shall restore.

© Tonya Ross 2014 (cheynoea)


Categories: Non-Fiction, Poems

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