Triumphant Ending

Triumphant Ending
By: Tonya Ross

Your words and actions,
Do not move in unison.
Your heart and mind,
Seem to have no fusion.

I fill your void,
But never completely.
Jumping at your call,
Treasuring those moments
Ever so sweetly.

Our bodies join,
In a silent foray.
Through lust not love,
Holding a two person soiree.

I read the signs,
You are giving to me.
I’ve seen them before,
Even as you speak to me tersely.

Your thoughts are subdued,
Calculated and well planned.
Your words are controlled,
Leaving my imagination to expand.

My feelings have grown,
Over months spent together.
I’ve fallen in love,
My heart feels the pressure.

You cast me out,
Like a bait on a hook.
Then reel me in,
As my soul you have shook.

You nibble and peck,
So my hope soars anew.
Then throw me back,
Leaving my emotions askew.

I diligently wait,
For the love you declare.
Given only to me,
As life we will share.


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