By: tonya ross

In the dark I sit again
This time listening to
the hum of the fan
As night turns to day.

Another of many sleepless nights
Which seem to encompass me
Cloaking my body as a blanket
Yet refusing to keep me warm.

Wondering why I cannot break
This perpetual darkened cloud
Looming great and powerful
Like a mighty Lord.

Burdens bore like heavy bricks
Placed one by one
Bury me deep inside a cement coffin
Choking of my breath.

Little does it know the secret that I keep
The silent strength to see me through
To hold my hand and lift my head
What is it you ask. …. courage!

Though my body may drag
Throughout the day
With droopy eyes
And weakend senses

I shall rise to face adversity
In the bright sunlight
I shall carry on keeping on
That’s how big my brave is.


Categories: Poems

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