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The Wonderful World of Gaming

The wonderful world of gaming is a subject you either love to love; or love to hate.  There is NO in between!  You are for it or against it, you could take it or leave it.

Personally, I started gaming over 20 years ago as a way to connect with my son as he was growing up.  Let me tell you it sure stuck.  I am one that loves to love it.  I am NOT the type of momma that kicks her children off the game system and makes them go outside to play.  I am however the type that would grab the controller in order to “help” her children make it past the level they were on and then not give the controller back. My kids would sit patiently waiting for their next turn.  Then be happy as can be at how far their game had gotten when they did get that controller back.

Together my children and I have traversed the world and done some amazing things inside of games.  From rescuing a princess to shooting up bad guys. From collecting fruit to climbing mountains.  From discovering preferences to bulking at dislikes … we have bonded.  From learning a bit of real history to immersing ourselves into the fantasy world… We have laughed and cried but through it all, we became closer discovering who each of us were as individuals.

Now yes I know there are a lot of people that would consider this a very bad thing or a bad way to parent.  I beg to differ, I believe that gaming teaches fine motor skills and how to problem solve.  It requires that children learn patience very early in life in order to move on and “beat the game.”  It requires concentration and dedication and teaches them not to give up when things get tough. They learn to think on their toes and problem solve like no other.  They learn that defeat is sometimes bittersweet and how to pick themselves up and try again.  They learn that winning or beating a game can bring satisfaction of a job well done.  The smiles on their faces and the emotions they go through teach them control over said emotional roller coasters.  So overall I believe the gaming world is very well rounded at teaching life skills that will last and stick with them as they grow and mature.

I am thankful for the time I got/get to spend with my children while happily completing a game. For it is within these time we are the closest, relying on each other, depending on each other and sharing in success and defeat.  Each new game, each new moment is one that can never be replaced and each holds a special place in my heart.

Instead of kicking your kids off the video games, try sitting down with them and asking them to explain to you what is going on and teach you how to play.  You just might end up learning something more valuable than any other life lesson.


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