Month: June 2017

Remembering Grandma

Tis eerily quiet this early morning. So quiet I can hear sounds usually ignored on a normal day. The constant sound of running water as the fish tank filter cycles through the motion of sucking in the water and spitting it back out. The distant hum of the […]

Never Too Old To Follow A Dream

To dream is to set goals, but to accomplish those goals is to truly live. ~Tonya Ross I have always dreamed of becoming a writer. Unfortunately, lack funds to take college courses and negative thoughts of others on my ‘chosen’ profession hindered my dream. After years and years […]

God’s Grace (Audio)

God’s Grace By: Tonya Ross 6-25-08 Through it all God’s grace, …….is walking with me. When I am battered and torn, …..all I want to do is morn, When I am as low as can be, …..slumped under a tree, When I feel all alone, ………as empty as […]

The Sting (Audio)

The Sting By: Tonya Ross Feb. 25, 2008 With a gentle sting You pricked my heart Opened a wound And Left drops of blood I stand in that shadow Empty inside Always wondering Where I will be next It is raining inside my head Thunder is booming Loud […]

The Abyss (Audio)

The Abyss By: Tonya Ross A small hole Of emptiness Encircles me I am blackened My thoughts spin me In a whirlwind of tunnels Falling slowly at first Twisting and turning in my mind Falling faster now Reaching out for something to hold My heart has stopped I […]

Online Love (Audio)

Online Love By: Tonya Ross My eyes are all puffy and swollen With bags underneath, The pain is so real, I am gritting my teeth. Who would have thought, We’d meet in a game, Neither of us looking, It just could not be tamed. Did it happen by […]

Forever (Audio)

Forever By: Tonya Ross I don’t want a Fling, I want a sure Thing. I am not happy with a Date, I am looking for a Mate. Someone to cuddle and Hold, Not so temperamental and Bold. I want this right now, I want it real quick. But […]