Falling Tears (Audio)


Falling Tears
By: Tonya Ross

I can’t stop crying
And I can’t explain why,
These tears are falling,
My hands cover my eyes.

Wet salty drops
Fall onto the desk,
As weeping commences,
My heart is heavy in my chest.

Feeling a great loss,
As alone I sit,
Overpowered by emotion,
That just wont quit.

Why am I like this,
I surely do not know,
Living on pure emotions,
From me they openly flow.

Get a grip,
I hear others say,
But they don’t understand,
It’s just my way.

I have no control,
As the roller coaster I ride,
Never having anybody,
To stick by my side.

Longing for friendship,
And a love to forever last,
A commitment strong and true,
Someone to overlook my past.


Categories: Poems

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