Five Senses

Five Senses
By: Tonya Ross©12-19-2014

I look with my eyes,
I can see your confusion,
I listen with my ears,
I can hear the crack in your voice,
I use my nose,
I can smell the heaviness in the air,
I hug you with my touch,
I can feel your body quivering,
I use my mouth and tongue,
I can taste the bitterness left in your heart,
I use my five senses,
To break into your world,
For I wish to take on your pain,
To ease your tired and hurt soul,
No human should ever be alone,
Or have to go through,
The things you’ve endured,
You are not alone,
For I stand by your side,
Taking it on,
To let it be my own,
Peace be with you my friend,
From this moment on,
Your burden is lifted,
Faith lingers on.


Categories: Poems

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