Ingrained (Audio)

By: Tonya Ross

Why is it that the darkness is likened to
sadness, evil, doom, and unrest?
Is it because people fear
what they cannot see?

Why is it that the light is likened to
Happiness, joy, peace, and calm?
Is it because people think
they are not walking blindly?

Why is it that a rainstorm is likened to
Unrest, anger, bitterness, and revenge?
Is it because people feel
their hearts pound a little more quickly?

Yet, why is it that the rain is likened to
A new beginning, freshness, wonder, and awe?
Is it because people sense
the smells in the air more richly?

Often times simple things
invoke in us feelings we cannot control,
tantalizing our senses
churning up a soulful medley.

We cannot explain
why things are the way they are,
All we know is that,
In our minds they are forever ingrained.



Categories: Poems

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