It’s In The Attitude

It’s In The Attitude
By: Tonya Ross

Always waiting,
…..For the other shoe to drop.
One foot out the door,
…..Past burdens carried atop.

Waiting for disaster to strike,
…..As it surly always does.
Bracing myself,
…..Nothing is as it was.

Wrapping myself up,
…..In a blanket of failure I see,
This negligence,
…..Can only be blamed on me.

Changing my attitude,
…..Is the best course of action.
For only then,
…..Will I be able to gain some traction.

The past,
…..Does not define me.
I must,
…..Live by a new creed.

With effort,
…..Success can be had.
Then accomplishment,
…..To my story I will add.


Categories: Poems

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