Left In Peace

I held a contest on my Poems page on Facebook to name this poem. The winner’s name is listed.

Left In Peace
Written by: Tonya Ross
Named by: Jenni Sumner

I will not beg and plead,
Nor scold or yell or brew,
I will not search and seek,
Nor follow or chase or stalk you.

If space is what you are after,
Space is what I will give,
Cause darlin’ it’s not worth my time,
I still have a lot of life to live.

Life is too short to wallow in anger,
I won’t sit by looking pensive,
For the sake of my future,
Remorse will not hold me captive.

We all make mistakes it’s part of life,
I don’t make small things so massive,
It’s really not worth a fight,
I choose to forgive.


Categories: Poems

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