By: Tonya Ross

Life is full of disappointment,
I’m not handling it well.
I’ve gotten good at pretending,
I know you cannot tell.
Inside I am full of turmoil,
It’s not plain to see.
Happiness is an illusion,
Saddness is plaguing me.
Though the smile on my face,
Shows another side.
If you look closely into my eyes,
You just may see the tears I’ve cried.
Loneliness is a burden,
That my soul carries deep,
Always looking for it’s mate,
A love to forever keep.
So when you look my way,
Please don’t pass me bye.
Give a nod and say “hello”,
Love may be nearby.
With that being said,
Now I can breath a sigh.
For my secret is out,
These tears I hope to dry.


Categories: Poems

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