Lost Love

Lost Love
By: Tonya Ross

There is no greater feeling,
Than to have found your soul mate,
To know such an intense love,
It takes your breath away.

There is no pain more excruciating,
Than to have lost that most perfect match.
To feel such massive affliction,
No other emotion can outweigh.

To have a long and lasting love,
That stands the test of time,
A connection so immense,
It will never go estray.

I know the loss that death can bring,
It destroys your path, your hope, your will,
wrought with the grief and sick within,
Emotions flood you with deep array.

Standing tall and proud and true,
Loves like this are far and few,
If you happen to be one of the lucky ones,
Hold on tight now don’t delay.

With the experience my life brings,
The love that’s won, the love that’s lost,
It lifts you up, it brings you down,
But I would not trade it for one single day.

It hurts like hell and that’s a fact,
This memory of the past,
This outlook for the future,
Tender moments gone afray.

So hold on, hold on to that gift,
Make each special moment count,
Cherish those imperfections your loved one has,
No other words of wisdom I have left to convey.


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