My Dear Child

My Dear Child
By: Tonya Ross

From the moment I took that little test,
My heart started pounding,
So bad it felt like it would beat,
Right out of my chest.

When the results were in,
And I really knew,
Life was changing,
Motherhood would begin.

From the moment I held you in my arms,
Tears ran down my face,
Overwhelmed with emotion,
Taken immediately by all of your charms.

You were my little bundle of joy,
Packaged just right,
Perfect in everyway,
A mothers love no one can destroy.

From the moment you started growing,
I watched you with awe,
As you gazed upon the world with wonder,
A twinkle in your eye as you kept learning.

Joy overcomes me,
With each passing day,
Love like I never knew,
Momma’s little sweet pea.

The different looks on your face,
As you discover something new,
Are forever engrained in my memory,
In a spot time cannot erase.

I will hold onto this love,
And raise you with a gentle hand,
Hoping all of your dreams come true,
With a little help from above.


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