By: Tonya Ross

Your silence speaks one thousand words,
What you are not brave enough to say out loud.
Facing deamons that one keeps,
Is not for the meek nor the proud.

Uphill battles one must climb,
In order for a spirit free.
Valor must come from deep within,
If success you wish to decree.

Silence cannot comfort you,
In this time of fear.
The fog will come in thick,
The way will remain unclear.

Time moves on into the night,
As you look into meditations mask.
Splurging on the seeds of doubt,
Unanswered are the questions that you ask.

Silence is a powerful persuader,
Enticing you right in.
Sucking up all your strength,
While getting under your skin.

No great love was declared,
While silence put up its veil.
With silence by your side,
You will always fail.

Silence is the best of lovers,
Yet leaves you cold and alone.
She captures your heart,
Leaving life on postpone.


Categories: Poems

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