Simply ‘M’

Simply ‘M’

By: Tonya Ross ©2015

So Saturday I met this guy
Who seems to be exactly what I need
He’s tall and strong whitty and smart
Has no issues taking up the lead

He’s into sports
Being a fan of all my teams
A handyman mechanic
Who looks damn good in jeans

He gets my sarcasm
Can throw it back ten fold
He can make me laugh
Which to me means more than gold

Laid back and reserved
Doesn’t mind lazy days on the couch
Major bonus points
He doesn’t mind me dressing like a slouch

Would rather stay at home
Keeping immediate family in mind
Than out and about with friends
So those invitations he declined

I can overlook his one major flaw
He drinks Pepsi instead of Coca Cola
At least he doesn’t drive
An old beatup Corolla

Looking forward
To many days ahead
Making lots of memories
No more eggshells to tread

The smile on my face
Surly says it all
I sit here anxiously
Awaiting his next call.


Categories: Poems

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