Special Bond

Special Bond
By: Tonya Ross

I have lived inside my hollowed shell,
For many years I wouldn’t speak,
Holding onto my world of hell,
People thought I was a freak.

You broke right in with your magic spell,
My what a smooth technique,
I had no time left to dwell,
I was captured by your mystique.

Scared and lonely, woe is me,
Outside these windows I would not peek,
Blind men, blind men, will not see,
What is this havoc that you wreak.

Safe and sound, locked up tight,
Inside my own world as it was,
You burst right in with such delight,
Like you were the king of oz.

What are these feelings I cannot hide,
Eating away, it gnaws and gnaws,
I open up with wounded pride,
To share with you all of my flaws.

You fearlessly listen, standing by my side,
Wrap your arms around me without a pause,
You told me you loved me and I cried,
I told you I loved you, and it twas.


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