Tangled Webs

Tangled Webs
By: Tonya Ross

I sit here in total silence,
Staring out the windows
that light my tiny apartment.
How I long to feel that light
deep inside my soul.
For it shall not be,
My hearts song has gone out,
My canvas stands empty,
No paint will grace it today.
I feel as bare as the tree branches,
blowing in the in the wind,
As cold as the winter snow,
blanketing the ground.
The taste of salt gently reaches my lips,
As my tears again start to fall.
The object of my pain,
Swept me up… then threw me out,
Like he had nothing left to gain.
Old words of wisdom:
“What tangled webs we weave”
Too bad the web was weaved,
Totally only around me.
Love IS blind and I ran right in,
Open arms embracing all that it could be.
Now that the light is on,
Do you think next time I’ll see?


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