Wondering Diligently (Audio)

Wondering Diligently
By: Tonya Ross

I would like to know,
Have you even thought of you and I?
Have you considered a we?
Do ideas idol to give us a try?

If thoughts conspired,
Would you ever tell me what they said?
Would you happily share please?
Or would you never let them out of your head?

Is there a chance now,
For the hope without me on my knees?
For I am sending up pleas?
For us to make many happy memories?

I want to hold you,
Will there be a diligent romance?
Will there be a hope you see?
Will longing give way to us having a chance?

I want to know,
I need to know,
I’d love to know,
Your feelings can you please show?


Categories: Poems

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