Words Have Meaning

Words Have Meaning
By: Tonya Ross

Sitting here alone,
As the hours tick slowly by,
Thinking of a day,
That will never come to pass.

Can anyone relate,
To the inner workings of me,
The total isolation,
Your comments were so crass.

Do you know desperation,
loneliness and pain?
A solitary existence,
Such as one like only me has?

Can you take back your words,
Put them on a shelf,
Try and be a better person,
And not act like an ass.

Your words have some meaning,
To you they may not show,
Given the right situation,
They can cut like broken glass.

With an ounce of prevention,
A measure of tact,
And a helping of understanding,
You can show some class.

I sit here with the courage,
To withstand the punch,
Happy to oblige you,
As upon my feelings you trespass.

When the tides of change shall come,
As I know they will,
It will be you looking out,
From inside that hourglass.


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