You Asked Me What I Want

You Asked Me What I Want
By: Tonya Ross

You asked me what I want,
And I couldn’t answer,
I got a lump in my throat,
And silence came after.

What can you say,
After having it all,
Then giving it up,
Due to your own shortfalls.

This pain on my face,
Is surly plain to see,
I want it all back,
But how can that ever be.

Your trust is gone,
You have no faith in me,
I left on a whim,
To you it cut deeply.

I am trying to keep,
A semblance of hope,
But darlin it’s hard,
It’s difficult to cope.

My love is still alive,
I’m longing for you,
These feelings inside,
Are so deep and so true.

I know it’s hard to understand,
Why I did what I did,
That day plays in my mind,
Scared, I acted like a kid.

These problems we face,
Are minor in nature,
I want to get back to a love,
We both can savor.

Please tell me,
it’s not to late,
Our special love,
Driven by fate.


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