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Completing Parts 1 & 2 of Character Challenge

So I am going to complete two of my goals today. First is the daily writing and the second is the weekly reading of an article that will help me develope as a writer. The article I chose today was a character challenge written and posted by: Annette Rey on her blog titled Writers Block No More. I am going to attempt to do something I have never done and post the link to Annette’s challenge. https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/103985351/posts/987

Now onto the challenge. It says to write a character profile for 5 people. Either a group of men or a group of women all in their 20’s. They were all part of the same friend group in high school and non of them left the town they live in after high school. They continue to hang out often. The rules are simple. Write 5 seperate paragraphs for each describing the characteristics.

I am choosing to write about a group of 5 women. So lets dive right in and see what we can come up with.

1) Shawna – Real Estate Broker. Went into family business and works at parents company. Tall and thin with a friendly voice. Outgoing life of the party type. Makes friends easily. At 25 already owns own home and lives alone. Dresses professionally usually in pant suits or dresses. Hard worker, focused and driven to succeed. wears glasses.

2) Opal – Retail Worker & Caregiver to younger brother. Parents died in car accident. Average hight and build. Although mostly quiet and withdrawn, she is loyal and open with her friends. Smartest one of the group but lost her way. Always reading non-fiction. Battles demons from her struggles in life. Always in a crisis. Inherited parents home and property with a meager life insurance policy that bearly paid off the house. Has no real direction in life now that she gave up her dream of becoming a lawyer. Now dresses frumpy and has unkempt look. Wild red hair. Financial issues abound.

3) Shea – Artist/sculpter & Gallory Manager. Most beautiful of the friend group with long legs and perfect curves in all the right places. Her light brown hair and green eyes are captivating. Men just seem to fall at her feet to please her. Often given expensive gifts to try to win her favor. She has a playful yet confident air about her. Always smiling, always happy. Life is a canvas and she is ready to paint it. Lives in the top floor apartment of an abandoned factory that was made into 2 apartment units taking top 2 floors and bottom or ground floor is the art gallory. Her boss’s son lives in the second apartment. Daily painting attire is overalls but cleans up very well to dance the night away.

4) Lainy – Bartender. Short and athletic. Hot tempered, fiesty thing. Couch surfs between friend’s houses ever since she broke up with her ex. Loves sports, was pitcher on high school softball team, captain of volleyball team and won back to back championships for all sports teams. Also ran track and has boxes and boxes of ribbons and metals. Now plays on the bar’s baseball team. Loud potty mouth. Defender of friends although you could never tell from her small size. you will find her in jeans and t-shirts most of the time.

5) Andrea – Limo driver. Average hight but a bit plump. Low self-esteem. Always dieting and trying to lose weight but turns to food to compensate for emotions. The friend that always convinces others to follow her crazy ideas. The funny jokester of the group. Fickle and has no real ‘type’ of man she likes. Believes in love at first sight and has no problem being the ‘slutty friend’. Although the guys just use her for that reason and never want to ‘settle down’ Strech pants and oversized shirts when not working.

Okay, not sure how I did with these characters but it sure was fun and a bit difficult trying to come up with 5 seperate personalities. Can’t wait to start part 2 of this chacater challenge. Please leave a comment letting me know how you think I did.


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  1. I think you did very well, Cheynoea. Here is the link for Part Two – https://writersblocknomore.com/2017/03/08/character-challenge-part-two/ Part Two instructs you to build a story using these characters. Based on the characteristics you gave them, how do they interact with one another? Under what circumstances do they meet? Does it end well or is a crime committed? You see, just by building a few characters, you can create a whole story. Keep writing. I enjoy your work.


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