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Remembering Grandma

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Tis eerily quiet this early morning. So quiet I can hear sounds usually ignored on a normal day. The constant sound of running water as the fish tank filter cycles through the motion of sucking in the water and spitting it back out. The distant hum of the fan on the shelf in the kitchen window pulling in fresh air to fill the house. Then there is the occasional squeak of a bird as it flies by, and I do mean occasional. Other than those three sounds; silence! Complete silence as if everything is afraid to make any noise at all.

There are shadows leaping in various places in the room as dawn breaks and sunlight starts to trickle through the window. I am captivated by the rainbow dancing on the wall. Created by my grandmother’s old crystal I inherited when she passed. Giving it a place of honor I hung it in an eastern facing window knowing it would catch the morning light.

I am curled up in a down filled blanket, sitting on the loveseat. Laptop on my lap, sipping a morning coffee and writing this blog post. I cannot explain why, but I had the strongest urge to write this morning. Per any typical given day, I am compelled to write as if my very life depended on it. On this particular morning thoughts of my grandmother elegantly dance in my head as if partnering with the rainbow from the crystal.

My grandmother was a beautiful person inside and out. Everyone who came in contact with her was instantly captivated by her charm and good nature. She was a compassionate, kind and caring soul who never passed up an opportunity to donate to a good charity. Her favorite was The Salvation Army. As much as she gave to big charities, she also helped in her own community. Asking my grandfather to stop if they saw a car broke down on the side of the road, handing money to those she felt needed it, even if it made things harder for her family. Rescuing animals in need of a good home or some loving care.

She was genuine. If you happen to get lucky and meet her, she would instantly wish to know your story. Where you came from, what life was or is like for you, what kind of work you do, truly anything and everything about you. She would talk your ear off and instead of her questions sounding like the third degree, you would leave the conversation uplifted and in good spirits. You felt important and cared about. Your smile would last all day long and you would remember the conversation with a cherished joyful emotion you would not want to ever let go of.

She was a peacemaker, the family rock and go to person if you ever needed good sound solid advice. Her perspective always made total sense, therefore, her opinions were highly valued. Much more than gold or diamonds. Her laughter filled a room spreading from one person to the next in a wave of enchantment, entertaining and amusing everyone around. She was one of those types of people that regardless of if she wanted it (which typically she did not), she would be the center of attention.

My grandparents had 10 grandchildren. They would load all 10 of us with just the two of them; into their van then head north to their property during the summer to camp out. I honestly don’t know how they did it. I had a hard enough time with 2 kids. You would never hear a sound of complaint from either of them as they happily gave each and every one of us alone time. Grandma had a way of telling each of us in quiet that we were her favorite. She would then say, “but don’t tell anyone else. It is our little secret.” She would then slip you a wink and a hug making you feel her words were true.

I have the fondest of memories linked to my grandmother. Whenever I am sad, down or feeling lonely; I just look at that crystal hanging in the kitchen window. I remember her telling me how special I was and hear her saying it as if she were actually here. I miss you grandma, I love you!


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  1. This made me so emotional. :’) I’m pretty sure your grandma would be smiling from heaven when you were writing these words. I pray for her to be in a happy place. Also so beautifully described. I could imagine myself, looking at the crystal along with you. I’d like to read more from you as well. πŸ™‚

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    • Aww… thank you so much Namrata. I truly appreciate the compliments. I am thankful you took the time to comment and let me know you connected with this writing. If you keep reading, I will keep writing. ❀


      • I did. To be honest, It’s a little difficult to get to know people in this busy schedule of life, with college, studies and everything. I’m glad you commented and I got to notice you and finally stumble on this heart rendering post of yours. I absolutely loved your writing style. I’ll definitely keep reading Cheynoea. May I know what your name means?

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