Month: July 2017

Takin Control Of Your Thoughts

I am tired. That is an understatement. I am worn out. My spirit has been broken and I am on the cusp of just resigning myself to the darkened abyss. This battle rages on inside me. Never won nor lost. Thoughts manifest in tiny moments of my life. Some […]

The Old Are Still Young

Take a walk with me into the sunny day. We will take our shoes off and enjoy the grass beneath our feet. To lollygag, dance and joyfully meander, out in the open air. Freeing ourselves from daily routines leaving our cares behind. Let us worry not for what we […]

OH The Bees…

The day started out as any other. I completed my morning routine in record time, delivered my daughter to school came home and busied myself cleaning house. Had everything done by mid afternoon. After a short late lunch break, I had decided I would also tackle the task […]

Earthly Beauty (Audio)

Though I sit here all alone, In a  peaceful setting Surrounded by the mornings’ dew Not an utterance of words will I moan. This earthly wonder out on loan, For all here to enjoy As flora and fauna abound From Mother Natures gentle hand has grown. For no […]

Blogging Milestones

  Today, I hit not one but two different milestones in my blogging world. Thanks to all of my wonderful followers and readers I have hit 200 total likes and I have posted 100 blog posts. That is an average of 2 likes per post. Being a new […]

Picture Perfect

The Daily Post Prompt: Gate So I know I already posted a story using today’s Gate prompt with a short fictional story. However, there is another lighter story (also fictional) that just insists on being shared.   Err… err… err… err… err… err… The sound of the old rickety cast […]

Quality (Audio)

When we say the word QUALITY lots of things come to mind. Most notably we relate the word with having significant value.  Webster’s dictionary describes the definition as follows: quality noun qual·i·ty \ˈkwä-lə-tē\ Simple Definition of quality : how good or bad something is : a characteristic or […]

The Hospital Gate

The Daily Post Prompt: Gate It was dark and cold. The rain pelted her leaving welts on her skin as the thunderstorm raged on. The only light was from an occasional lightning bolt shooting down from the sky. With no coat, no umbrella and clothes, or what was […]

My Take On Apple Crisp

So a long time ago, like over 7 years ago, I went through a huge homemade baking kick. I was tired of just following other people’s recipes and never getting it right. I was really good at forgetting at least one very important ingredient, over baking, under baking, […]