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After several years of my daughter begging me for a dog or puppy and refusing to take no for an answer, she wore me down. We are talking about 5 years of begging, pleading, crying those awful tears no parent likes to see. I sat her down several times throughout that time period and explained to her the cost and responsibility that goes along with pet ownership.  I even went as far as to buy a fish tank and fish to get her used to the idea of how much work a pet would be.


She surprised me and surpassed my expectations with the fish. She not only kept them alive as we still have 2 of the original fish from that very first tiny 5-gallon fish tank but she helped them grow and flourish. We have a Pleco and a goldfish both that started out at less than an inch long.  Now both are over 9 inches with the pleco pushing a foot long. We have had to upgrade from that tiny starter fish tank to a now 70-gallon fish tank or neither of them would be able to move around.

It is because of this success with the fish that I started taking her to the Humane Society to start volunteering. I wanted her to get to know what it would be like to have a dog and know we would not be getting a cute little puppy. Instead, we would take in a rescue doggy and provide it a nice home.  Our original thought was to pick a dog from the Humane Society but this was not to be. We searched and searched for a dog that would fit into our lifestyle and be happy where we lived. Unfortunately, after months and months of going in, volunteering every week and trying to find a dog we were unsuccessful.

And so the search began for a doggy via Craigslist. When we first noticed the picture of Gir on Craigslist we were heart broken.  The ad read, “MUST GO TODAY!!!” Free to the first to come pick her up. Then gave a phone number and name to contact. Her little body was so skinny, she had one of those metal chain poker collars on. You know the ones that have the spike looking things that dig into your dog’s neck. Then there were those eyes, such sad and desperate eyes staring into the blackness of the camera lens.  You could just tell this dog was abused and needed out of where she was at as soon as humanly possible. We called the number, there was no answer. Hours went by before we received a return call. The lady on the other end said she still had the dog but was now unsure if she would get rid of her and needed more time. We were devastated.

As the days passed, I would call at least once a day to check in, see how the dog was doing and let the lady know we were still interested.  Somewhere in the waiting process we went to the store and purchased all of the doggy supplies one would need. A big nice plump bed, food, nail clippers, doggy potty bags, leash, collar, Frontline, and toys…. lots and lots of toys and treats. I believe we went hog wild on the toys not knowing what kind would be her favorite. We knew even if it did not work out for this dog, we would need these items for the dog we did end up with.  Four days came and went and on that 5th day, I received the call. The lady told me if I wanted the dog to meet her in a half hour. We dropped everything we were doing an jumped. We knew this was quite possibly this dogs only chance at a decent life. We were not letting her slip through our fingers.

The dog was more than happy to get into our car and leave with us. Almost running from her owner. She was dirty, smelly and instead of the chain pokey collar we saw in the photo in the ad, she had another collar on that looked like it had been there since she was a little puppy. It was way too small and almost growing into her skin. It was so tight that it wore off all of her fur underneath it and had rubbed a bit of her neck raw. I am sure they put the other collar over top of it to cover up her neck for the ad.

We got her home, got that collar off, bathed her put the flea and tick stuff on her and decided to wait to put her new collar on her until her neck healed. We put some ointment on her neck to help the wounds heal and speed the process. It was too late that first day to call and make a vet appointment so that would have to wait.

My daughter decided to give her a new name to go with her new home so that she would have a clean fresh start. Gir not to be confused with Grrr. An interesting and unique name to go with an interesting and unique doggy. Gir instantly took to her new name and my daughter. Pardon the pun but Gir followed my daughter around like a little lost puppy.  My daughter was so happy.

Gir’s vet check went well. We were able to get all of her shots up to date, have her neck checked out, find out how much under weight she was (15 pounds-not as bad as I had thought.) and get an otherwise clean bill of health for her. We have now had her around 9 months. I am full of stories I can tell about our adjustments to having a dog and her’s to having new owners. But that is for a different post.

My daughter is still volunteering at the humane society, Gir is now settled in and comfortable in our house and everyone is happy.





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  1. You did an excellent job with your daughter by exposing her to volunteering and the responsibility what comes when caring for an animal whether this is a dog or a fish. I do wish more people would do what you did. I loved, loved your post. Informational and funny at the same time. You and your daughter made such a difference in this dog’s life. Please keep posting:-) Welcome to your new furry baby!

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    • Thank you so much for the compliments, Marcela. I agree that owning any pet is a huge responsibility. Not all are up for this challenge which is why there are so many abandoned, abused or neglected pet friends. I also wish more people would do research on pets and gain better knowledge before committing to a pet. I feel we would have a lot less animals stuck in shelters that way.

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      • I agree with you 100%. I recommend my clients to foster rather than adopting right away. Dogs in shelters behave different than in a home and I’ve seen this over and over again. You did a great job!

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