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via Daily Prompt: Bumble

As defined by the Urban Dictionary.

“Brumble” is a combination of the words bramble and mumble. It refers to a confusing and prickly mess of poorly articulated information dished out by peoplewho really should know better, and can therefore said to be mumbling incoherently when asked to explain something properly.


Is it just me or do today’s standards in social media and texting bother others as well? I honestly do not understand half the ‘lingo’ now used these days. All of the abbreviations kill me! Here’s just one example of a conversation one might see via text message or another messaging app.

“IRL I was talkin 2 Sam who said Tom said, “I ❤ u” to Jean.”



“My 02, 4COL”

“R U going 2nite?”


“G2G, 303 calling me”


Is that or is that not Brumbling?

After I posted this, I got to thinking I really should elaborate on how I feel about this subject. For starters, I am physically affected by a conversation like this. I get chills and my hair stands up like I had been sitting in a classroom and hearing someone scrape their nails down an old chalkboard.

Seeing so much of this not just by our youth but from grown adults makes me think there is something seriously messed up with our school systems if talking like this is now appropriate.

I am reminded of the old Charlie Brown shows on television where all of the adults Brumble incoherently. What are our English Classes teaching these days? Have the old rules of the written English Language really been thrown out the window in favor of this less time consuming and easy way of communicating even if it is harder to read and understand?  How many of you actually understand every abbreviation above without having to look even one of them up?

We need to get back to the basics in my opinion.


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  1. I don’t think this is being taught in schools, Cheynoea, it’s just digital slang that’s quicker & easier to type than the longer words they substitute for. The practice irritates me as well because it’s indicative of laziness, a character trait I have little patience for.

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    • I hear you there Ceaseless, that it shows laziness. As writers, we tend to have less tolerance and patience for misuse of the English Language. It is irritating in every way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. I understand completely. Everyone I’m around now texts and the abbreviations are constant. Most of the time I’m lucky to get anything worthwhile completed if I use my phone keyboard. That combined with spellcheck, let’s just say, disaster looms. I didn’t need to look these up, but I’ve been known to use one myself, KISA meaning knight in shining armor!😂❤️

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