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What is a Writer

Deciding to be a writer is not something you just wake up one day saying, “Hey that looks fun or interesting, I think I will be a writer.” Then BAM… you’re a writer and getting paid.

Most writers have always written in some form or another since they were very young. They enjoyed it because it felt good to write. It gave them a sense of accomplishment. They poured out their feelings on to paper connecting to it as though it were a living breathing entity. It gave life to their thoughts, emotions, ideas, concepts, and fantasies like nothing else could.

Writing got them excited with each new twist and turn not knowing themselves half the time, where it would lead. It gave them an imagination and fostered their artistic side. It took them to places unknown, sometimes scary, sometimes pleasant and calm.

Writing is beauty and release, peaceful and stormy, thick and bold, childish and fun, heartwarming and even sometimes dull. It is life spilled out in black and white, sometimes color, but always unique.

No matter what form you choose to utilize in writing, be it copywriting, novels, short stories, long reads, bios, blogs, poetry, children’s books or anything else, writing is a part of the person. An extension of one’s self. It is the soul peeking its way through hidden portals to tease, tantalize, torment, adjust, search, give, take, inform, teach, learn, grow, escape and sometimes even inspire, just to name a few.

It is light and dark, both airy and heavy. No, you do not just wake up and instantly become a writer. It takes years of trial and error, of finding your way through a seemingly impossible obstacle, of setbacks as well as growth. Over the years you learn, advance and hone in on what feels best to you.

You dedicate yourself to your craft with your only hope being that you touch at least one other person through your writing. That it affects them and moves them in some form. You desire to spark some emotion, any emotion. Then as a writer, you feel deep gratitude if that person lets you know that your writing has indeed had an effect.

A writer should always feel confident in their abilities and knowledge. For they have spent countless hours diving in, swimming around and perfecting what they love. Their voice and style are as unique only to them, as a painter and each new canvas he chooses to explore.

So no matter what you choose to say when you write, what form and method you use to publicize it or how many likes or comments you get…

Please know, it is beautiful and perfect just the way it is. Never doubt yourself, for YOU ARE A WRITER!



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  1. “You dedicate yourself to your craft with your only hope being that you touch at least one other person through your writing.” that is like so true. everything you said somehow connected me and that is why i love writing. this is like one of the best post i ever read(not just saying) thank you so very much 🙂

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