The Hospital Gate

The Daily Post Prompt: Gate

It was dark and cold. The rain pelted her leaving welts on her skin as the thunderstorm raged on. The only light was from an occasional lightning bolt shooting down from the sky. With no coat, no umbrella and clothes, or what was left of them water logged and dangling in tatters around her narrow frame, Georgie ran for her life. Mud caking up her legs as her toes squished in the puddles.

Finally, in the light of the last lightning strike, Georgie could see the large iron gate in the distance. She just had to make it, “Just a few more steps.” She kept repeating out loud to herself. “If I can just get to the gate, everything will be fine.” Holding her belly as pain so intense almost crippled her.

She had no clue which one of the Thompson clan was the father, they had all had their way with her over the last 3 years they held her hostage in that small cabin in the woods. Georgie had been just waiting for an opportunity like tonight to run. She built up their trust so they untied her before they left to go hunting. Telling her to clean the place real good.

Instead, she took the opportunity to sneak out when she knew the coast was clear. Now, finally, having made it to the gate she was on the home stretch. The hospital was just on the other side. What, locked? Why is it locked, it is a hospital. Looking up she saw the We have moved sign hanging on the gate. Slumping down, she braced herself against the gate letting emotion wash over her. The tears fell as she gave birth there in the rain, by the gate.


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  1. I have been periodically checking the Daily Post’s comments to see if mine got featured and been repeatedly denied the pleasure of seeing it there. But when I checked back just now, I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see yours posted on their wall. Great job and congratulations, Tonya!

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  2. Oh my gosh, Tonya, that’s heartrending! I’m not kidding, I had to blow through 3 tissues. Georgie sounds like the toughest, bravest kind of fighter, and I want to know what she does next. If she were to know in her heart which of the Thompson clan were the father, what would she do about it? What are the names of the Thompson boys? Which one is most likely to be the father and why? What bearing would it have on the newborn’s life and future if he or she were raised believing a particular Thompson boy were the father? And what difference would it make in the child’s and Georgies’ lives if it turned out the wrong brother was thought to have been the father all along? You have an awful lot of raw material for such a short piece! This could be like trying to pull a gargantuan gold nugget out of a pinprick hole!

    Take care, be flea-free, and keep writing with abandon!


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