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The Daily Post Prompt: Gate

gate m123

So I know I already posted a story using today’s Gate prompt with a short fictional story. However, there is another lighter story (also fictional) that just insists on being shared.


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The sound of the old rickety cast iron gate loomed in the air, as the wind pushed and pulled it back and forth in a tug-0-war with its hinges. The sun shown bright high in the sky to signify a midsummer’s day. Beyond the gate, the beauty of the field flowers mesmerized as they rippled across the land like waves on the ocean, casting shadows in the same wave pattern then quickly starting back at the beginning of the field over and over again.

It was a happy, calming scene. One that helped relax the soul as you connected with nature.  Rabbits nibbled on the clovers and white tailed deer grazed on grass as birds danced and sang in the sky singing a merry tune.

Dale took her time in slowly setting up the tripod then placing the canvas atop. For, she did not want to scare away any of the animals nearby. She then took the folding table out of her backpack setting it up the perfect distance from the tripod. Neatly setting her paints and brushes out, she took in a long deep breath, held it for a moment and exhaled.

This was by far, one of her favorite places on earth. Looking out over the cliffside you could see the ocean for miles creating the perfect backdrop for this magnificent field of flora and fauna. In her element, completely at peace, she began to depict this wonderful scene on her canvas.  Thus creating a permanent memory of this most glorious day with the gate front and center.



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