The Old Are Still Young

oldpeople on playground

Take a walk with me into the sunny day. We will take our shoes off and enjoy the grass beneath our feet. To lollygag, dance and joyfully meander, out in the open air. Freeing ourselves from daily routines leaving our cares behind. Let us worry not for what we should be doing and give in to childhood remembrances of play. Giving no thought to our ages now, as we roll down the hills and pretend to fly like the birds. Let’s splash in the slow moving waves as we walk by the lake. Cooling our bodies from the heat of the sun as we bask in the delight of our free time. Come with me to the playground to soar up on the swings. Pumping our feet as hard as we can as we reach for our toes to touch the sky. Then laugh till our sides hurt as we spin endlessly on the merry-go-round then try to stand and walk once again upon the ground. Let’s race down the slides and see who can jump farthest as we reach the end. I will race you to the seesaw then play hide and seek in the jungle gym. Let’s end by laying on the ground staring up at the clouds sharing what wonders our imaginations can see. We will leave no stone unturned on our way home as we search for lizards and worms in the setting sun. Then curl up snuggling on the couch with popcorn and a movie to fall asleep in each other’s arms with smiles on our faces. Content and happy to have felt free and alive once again. Paying no attention to the wrinkles on our faces, gray hair on our heads and walkers and canes standing alone in the corner. We may be old, but we are still young.


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  1. You took me there, Tonya, great post! It’s evocative and flows nicely.

    I just posted a new short story about one of my Copperhead County characters. I’d love to hear what you think: theceaselessreaderwrites.wordpress.com/2017/07/30/riding-high/


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