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My Absence

Hello everyone, I wanted to post briefly to explain why I have been absent for the last week or so and why I will only be on rarely for the upcoming future. You see, I am suffering from a major concussion and compressed vertebrae in my neck. I took my daughter to a concert the other night and well, the guitarist decided to jump off the stage into the crowd and landed full force on top of me. It knocked me out and messed me up pretty bad.

Because of the concussion, I am having a hard time focusing, reading, writing, and doing most daily tasks. I do hope you will be patient with me and still be here when I return. Doctor’s say it may take a while. Love ya all



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  1. I am sad to hear this, Tonya, but given your lifelong streak of bad luck, when you didn’t post for over a week, I was afraid it was a lot worse. One of my absolute worst fears is no longer being able to read, so I am in deep sorrow for your current inability. I will wait patiently for your return to form and will daily send good thoughts for your rapid healing.

    Take care, be well, and fight the good fight,


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