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Shining a Special Light


A few weeks ago I shared a story with all of you about my daughter and what a boy did to her. I have also shared in other articles that she has been bullied pretty much all of her life. To this day she feels like an outcast while being surrounded by hundreds of peers in her high school.

Tonight I want to shine a special light on what a talented beautiful young woman she is. You see, she can sing! No, really… I mean she can SING!!!!!! From the time she was able to talk, she would sing. She sang almost all of her sentences. If she wanted milk, she would sing to ask for it, if she was playing, she would sing to her toys, if she was repeating what we said, she would sing it. Singing has dominated her life for good reason. She was born to sing.

One year while at a parent-teacher conference to find out about her progress, her teacher told me a story of how she would sing all of her math problems while working on math and anything she was reading she would sing out loud. So he surprised the class one day and while telling them to get out their math books, he said they were going to have a Cib style math class. He then proceeded to have everyone in the class sing their problems, including him. He said that chapter ended up being some of the highest test scores the class had gotten.

Fast forward to tonight, my daughter was asked to be a special guest singer at the Celebration of Success 2017 Awards Ceremony for our county. It was a casual event and she was the only entertainment. It was a great honor and she had a lot of fun. I am so proud of the young woman she is becoming.

Without further ado, I will share with you the video of tonight’s performance and let you decide. I swear I am not just a fan because I am her mother. Just click on the red highlight words that say ‘tonight’s performance’ to be taken to the video. Be sure to leave her a comment letting her know what you think and show her your support.



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