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Rare Honesty On YouTube

In today’s world where virtual reality seemingly means more than actual human to human contact, it is rare to find a truthful, brutally honest soul that lays their life out there for all to see so humbly. YouTube is full of channels and channels of people scripting every line, putting whatever foot forward that will give them the most views and make them the most money and most of all FAKE characters.

These characters, and I call them that because they are just that… people playing a role other than their true selves in order to make money. All jump on the latest trend bandwagon. They put up questionable content as soon as they start losing views in an effort to gain traction again. They pretend so well they even fool themselves at times. And the public eats it up as if it was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We laugh thinking they are hilarious, we get angry and bash them as if what we just viewed seriously harmed us in some way, we enjoy the content and take an emotional ride with whatever we are watching making most of this lame content go viral.

It is with this in mind that I wish to bring awareness to one of the true heroes of YouTube, Granny Goose. Not the old lady who reads children’s books online. But the war vet’s wife who is so truthful and honest with her content that you feel like you have known her and her family for years. You can truly relate to her and her stories. You take a different kind of emotional ride with her that allows you to know you ARE indeed connecting with another human being on some level by watching her videos.

Now I am not saying the other people on YouTube are not human beings. So do not mix up my words here. All I am saying is that Granny Goose is genuine. She is not here just to entertain you. She is here because she actually cares about others. She has a desire to inspire others by sharing her life in a way very few care to do. She is not afraid of putting herself out there and wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Because Granny Goose has touched me on such a deep level, I would like to share with you one of her latest YouTube videos titled, Nigel and the Concrete Gannet. I won’t go into detail about this video as I would like you to watch it for yourselves. But I will say that I am sure we can all relate to Granny’s feelings.

Granny, to you personally, I want to share a little story with you about your husband that just may brighten YOUR day.  The other day while chatting with him the moment I told him how much of an inspiration your videos were to my daughter and myself, he had to stop playing his game, take his headphones off and run to tell you what I had said. He could not even wait for me to finish telling him my thoughts, he was that excited to talk to you about it. He may not be able to show emotion the way others do, yet on some level, he is trying to break free of that Concrete. Granny, I give you a huge thank you for making your videos. For putting yourself and your life out there. For wearing your heart on your sleeve and allowing us to be a part of your world. You are truly an inspiration to all. Please don’t ever stop being you. We love and support you.

Please do not forget to like Granny’s video, leave her a comment and subscribe for more honest and truthful content.


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