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Arranger of Words

Several months ago I had the following comment left on one of my posts. In today’s article, I would like to try and respond and apologize to the commenter for my absence and taking so very long.

I see that you are an arranger of words orchestrating thought music too, what: educate? arouse? entertain? challenge? or what as to the minds of the hungry masses? This i wonder. 🙂


I delight in the merriment of poetry, bask in the knowledge of education, glow under the imagination of fiction, and wonder at the amusement of entertaining. To arrange words in such a way to arouse curiosity and challenge the mind, one has to have a special bond with pen and paper. Or in this case, keyboard and computer. An imagination, a wanderlust of the mind, and strong desire to provoke emotions of others is key to success as an orchestrator of words. If these words then insight the merriment of music, I have succeeded in achieving my goal. 

Therefore, to answer your well thought out question, I minor in dabbling at all and master at none. 

A heartfelt thank you for the beautiful question. 


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