Empty Bowls 2018


Every year for the past 8 years the Saline Area Schools rallies together with the community to fight hunger in Washtenaw County. They do this by holding an annual Empty Bowls Campaign where they offer a night of food, entertainment and good company for all those who attend. All proceeds from this night are donated to The Washtenaw County Food Gatherers Program.

Empty Bowls 2018 Flyer


The entire School system gets involved in making this night a success. The food offered is made entirely from the students in the Saline High School Culinary Arts program. The Saline High School Art Students make ceramic bowls to give away to all those who attend. The entertainment is provided by students in various music programs throughout the Saline High School System. Thanks to the many volunteers ranging from students, staff and community members, this annual night of food and entertainment is a huge success every year. 



According to the hunger facts on the Food Gatherers website, 14.7% of residents in Washtenaw County struggle with food insecurity or hunger. 92% of these residents are families with children. 

Over the last 8 years, the Empty Bowls Campaign has brought in and donated an approximate total of $35,000 bringing in roughly around $5,ooo per year to help fight hunger in Washtenaw County.



I asked the representative from Food Gatherers last night how many benefits like the Saline Community’s Empty Bowls Campaign happen around the county in an effort to help. 

Her reply, “There are a few smaller scale benefits throughout the county. But nobody does it quite like Saline. They go all out.” 



I couldn’t agree with her more. We live in a wonderful community full of caring and compassionate residents more than willing to step up and do their part. I am amazed at just how many youth participate and volunteer each year. It just shows we are doing what we can as a community to raise awareness to social issues in our youth.  



With programs like these, not only are we doing a great service for our community, we are spearheading a youth willing to become leaders. Willing to stand up and act instead of turning a blind eye. 



Many thanks to all who came out to volunteer and participate in this great event. 




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  1. What a wonderful program! I wish more people were involved in volunteering for charities on a more regular basis (myself included). I know it would do EVERYONE a lot of good!

    Also I read your “About” section but didn’t see where to comment on it. Wow. You most certainly ARE a survivor!! I look forward to catching more of your posts soon!

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    • Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog Jessica. I agree that volunteering not only helps the charity but the person volunteering as well. It makes you feel good knowing you gave back.

      It took me many years to change my mindset from victim to survivor. Having done so, I am thankful to be able to share my story with others in an effort bring awareness to not only abuse but depression as well. I believe that being transparant, open and honest about one’s life experiences helps the healing process. It helps gain back control and build self-confidence. It helps change the mindset therefore changing the story. I hope that makes sense?

      Anyway, thank you again for stopping by and letting me know that you find value in what I share and write about. That makes it all worth it to me.

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      • I totally agree! Transparency and honesty can be scary, but it’s what is most needed to really fix this world. No one is perfect… I like what you say about changing the mindset and therefore changing the story. That’s something I’m working on in various ways in my own life, as well.

        Thanks for your meaningful response!

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