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Tim Horton’s Debacle


What an actual Bacon Everything Breakfast Sandwich Looks like


In today’s fast-paced world it is not hard to come across poor customer service once in a while. No human is perfect and mistakes happen. What matters is how these mistakes are handled especially when customer service is involved.

In my day and age growing up, we were taught the customer was always right. Now, I may not agree with this statement all the time. There are some times where the customer was clearly in the wrong. In this case, however, I am comfortable stating I was not wrong in my handling of this matter.

So what’s the story here?

Yesterday after dropping the kids off at the high school, I went to Tim Horton’s drive-thru to order breakfast and a coffee before settling into work on some writing I had started. I was given the wrong breakfast sandwich. I did not have the time nor did I want to waste the effort to get back into the car drive all the way back to Tim Horton’s and exchange the sandwich for the correct item.

Instead, I was already at the computer so I Googled the Tim Horton’s location that I had been too and got their website and phone number. I tried to call several times throughout the morning to no avail. They never answered the phone and did not have an answering machine/voicemail that picked up. So upon further digging into their website, I found the answer to my question of what to do if you receive the wrong order. Below is a screenshot of the question and answer as it shows up on the Tim Horton’s website.

wrong order1

After reading this, I felt confident that I could rectify the situation the next day when I visited for my routine cup of coffee. I thought they would at least give me a discount, a free sandwich or even just a simple apology. I was very wrong.

Instead what I received were an admission of guilt without apology and correct compensation. Luckily I have a dash cam in my SUV that records video and sound every time the vehicle is turned on. I have compiled the videos from my dash cam’s short 3-5 minute recording sessions into one video for you to enjoy.

I do have to state that I am a bit upset at my dash cam as it only records in the 3-5 minute sessions. The directions are written in Chinese and I cannot understand them in order to change the settings. After this experience, I am currently searching for a solution to correct the way my dash cam records. This is the first time I have ever had to play back a recording on it or use the footage and I am thankful to at least have what I do.

After watching the video, I would like your input and feedback.

  1. What do you think the company should have done for me after having given me the wrong order?
  2. What should I have done?
  3. Was I right in following the directions of the website and addressing the issue the following day?
  4. Was the employee right in not giving an apology or any sort of compensation?
  5. Was she right in stating that the website does not pertain to their location even if the website clearly gives their address and phone number?
  6. What would you have done in this situation?

My intent here is to open a dialog pertaining to customer service and how all parties involved handle these issues. I openly admit to getting rude with her after she got rude and condescending with me. I also openly admit that had I maintained my calm, the situation might have turned out better. Hopefully, this situation can help us grow and maybe even bring about at least just an apology from someone in the Tim Horton’s Franchise.

On my end, I do apologize for not keeping my cool. I reacted to the situation according to how I was being treated. I felt slighted and that shows in my response to this lady.


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  1. This is an old joke in our family, may lighten up your situation a bit, or may totally disgust you. ⚠️ Warning, bad language, but to see it, as it was in the movie, Lethal Weapon II, it’s available on youtube. We thought it was funny and oh so true. Hope not to offend…..”they f— you at the drive through” said by the Leo Getz character in the movie.

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