A Touch of Light

A Touch of Light

Chapter 2


Upon feeling the car stop and listening to her mother’s movements as she put it in park and turned the car off, Onix quickly removed her seatbelt and jumped out of the car. Not wanting to prolong the awkward silence in the car between her mother and herself. She was not eager for the appointment but it was better than being in the presence of her mother.

“Hello, Onix you may go right in. Gabe has been waiting for you.” exclaimed the secretary as she walked through the front doors of the building. Onix could hear her mother and the secretary mumbling to each other as she proceeded to the inner office where Gabe sat waiting.

“Hello Onix, how are you today?” came a cheerful voice with that all too familiar lip smack.

Grumbling under her breath incoherent words Onix made her way to the chair and plopped herself down as if it was the most natural thing in the world. “I don’t wish to be here and would like to inform you this will be my LAST visit.”

Taking a deep breath in and slowly letting it out, Gabe, took a moment to mentally prepare for a difficult session with Onix. He had tried everything in his power to get Onix to open up to him and trust him. She was his most difficult patient to date in his 14-year career as a therapist and he had been graced with a lot of difficult patients.

Onix had been coming to see him once a week for the last two and a half years at the recommendation of her physician. Dr. Phorphenden had called him to discuss Onix and personally ask that he take on her case. She was what he liked to call a holdout, not wanting to share her true thoughts and emotions. He could sense the anger emanating out of every ounce of her being and had to find a way for her to connect with it and let it out and soon.

“Onix, since this will be your last visit with me, can I ask that we try something new? Will you allow me to take you somewhere instead of sitting in this tiny office? Will you allow me the entire afternoon instead of just an hour?” quickly adding, “If you will do so, I will not argue with you about coming ever again if you don’t wish too.”

Onix sat and thought about this proposition. It was a very intriguing offer. One he had never asked of her before. She would be all too thankful to be free of her mother for the entire afternoon but did not want to let Gabe know just how much she needed time away from her mother who was smothering her to death.

“If I agree to go with you, you promise to tell my mother I am no longer in need of therapy and cancel any further appointments despite her reaction or arguments?” Onix countered.

Standing up and smoothing out his blazer, Gabe walked over to Onix and took her hand in his to shake on the deal. “I promise, do we have a deal?”

Standing up herself and shaking his hand, “Yes, we have a deal.” she replied.

Onix followed Gabe out into the waiting room where they briefly paused so Gabe could talk to her mother and his secretary. “Sandy, cancel all further appointments for the rest of the day. Tell them I am sorry but a personal issue came up and I need to reschedule.” Turning towards Onix’s mother, “Julia, Onix and I are going for an outing instead of sitting here in this little office today. I will personally see that she gets home this evening.” The two of them walked out before either woman could interject.

Gabe maintained a distance of a few feet before Onix while walking to his car. He never looked back to see if she was behind him or able to follow. He never offered her assistance and just assumed she would be able to do so of her own design. Onix could hear every sound as if amplified. Never even hesitating she followed Gabe to his vehicle and found her way to the passenger door to get in.

Once she was safely buckled in, Gabe started the car and drove off in silence.


To Be Continued…



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