Industriestandard Records

I have never seen such a hard-working and dedicated group of musicians in my life. These guys over at Industriestandard Records are as talented as they come. They announced just a week ago that they are setting up a tour this year starting in July and so far going through September. They are continuing to add new tour dates by the day. Taken right off their facebook page you can see what bands they are booking the tour for below:

  • We’re going to be booking gigs for the following acts;Ri0t_viRus – Digital Hardcore/Punk Industrial

    Trash.eater – Breakcore/Jungle/DnB

    Static Ego – Hardcore Punk

    Absynth3ticA – Chillout/Downtempo/Psychedelic

Whatever your music tastes are, you will find something you enjoy on their label and with their artists. Go and check them out here on WordPress(link above) or on their facebook page. If you would like to see their tour come to a city near you don’t forget to drop them a line. You can even contact me and I will pass the information along.


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