Question of the Day 2 – Response by Cheynoea

A Writer's Life

Thanks, Cheynoea, for the beautiful response.


You inspired a short poem 🙂 I haven’t written a poem in quite some time. So thank you for breaking my writers block on that portion of my brain.


I failed to take any photos of my yesterday and today as well.
Other than in my head where those memories reside,
I shall have no physical proof barring the stories I tell.
Tucked away ever so neatly in a section of my brain they hide,
I will remember grazing upon them once in a while but never to linger and dwell.

How many pictures did you take yesterday?

Contrary to the norm, I didn’t take any pictures yesterday.  I did video my welcome home from my dog and one cat. Mostly blurred puppy.

I normally walk during a break at work, but did the stairs instead, so no chance of pictures…

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