My thoughts



The overwhelming sensation that causes alarm, panic, agitation, anxiety, and worries over something or someone that you feel will cause harm. This sensation, this feeling, this emotion, whatever you want to call it; can protect you if you trust your gut when there is a true threat. However, it can also be debilitating and crippling if you are always looking out for the worse to happen.

I have been invited to a strange place
Somewhere I have never been
I must go with a stranger, someone I hardly know
Excitement builds, on my face is a grin

Possibilities in my head are endless
Of what this could turn out to be
A new and invigorating adventure
So why do I want to flee

Panic strikes at the most inopportune times
It takes over every thought in my mind
Hindering my physical actions
Oh how I wish my desires and thoughts were aligned


Fear prevents us from moving, acting, enjoying and allowing ourselves to experience new things. It hinders forward progress and growth. It often times causes us to respond or act in negative ways to situations we would otherwise enjoy. It mucks up the waters so we find ourselves sinking.

It is a mastermind we wish didn’t meet. A friend we wish we didn’t spend so much time with. A lover we wish we didn’t have.



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