Open Mic Night Series


We all have them in our life, you know the special people that brighten your day simply by being there. For me, it is my children. But this post is all about my daughter which is where I will place my focus. This girl was singing as soon as she was talking. It is in her blood, in her soul.

Ever since my injury, she has stepped up to the plate and helped care for and nurture me. She has worked tirelessly at school and at home doing the chores I can no longer do. She has shown a compassion and understanding unmatched and unheard of in one so young. On top of taking on the extra responsibility, she had to give up a lot of normal teenage activities as I can no longer participate or transport her like I used too. Her singing at open mic nights was one of those things.

As a parent, it is so hard to feel like I am taking away her youth. I like any other parent want to nurture her instead of having it be the other way around. I want to support her dream of being a singer/performer and do all I can to provide happiness and joy in her life. In a time where she should be carefree, stressfree, having fun and exploring who she is as a young woman, she is instead taking on more responsibility.

Now as her 16th birthday comes around, in an effort to show her some gratitude for all she has done, I have started taking her back to the open mic nights at Brewed Awakenings Cafe once a week. We have to make some sacrifices to make it happen for her like getting there early so she can take her turn at the beginning of the night. And leaving soon after her set so that I can get home to rest afterward since my head is already a right good mess by that time.

What she does not know, is that the only time I feel true happiness and joy now days is when I hear her sing. Especially in front of a crowd. She is so talented. Seeing her let go of all of the stress and enjoy herself while performing is worth any amount of pain I may have to deal with as a result of my brain injury. I am so blessed to have her in my life as my daughter.

I am not a videographer at all but below you will find my attempt at recording her performances at this weeks open mic. Please enjoy.


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