My thoughts

Questioning Humanities Past and Future

Browsing YouTube tonight I came across this video that has over 4 million views and felt a strong desire to share it. Coming from a family with strong Native American roots, knowing the history of my people is important to me. Each video, story, news article and the like that I come across just aids to further my enlightenment on things I had been previously ignorant about. Why was I ignorant about these things? Well simply because the true history of our “Great Nation” is not taught in schools. It is hidden from public consumption and tossed aside as if “Out of sight, out of mind.”

If we don’t discuss it, don’t admit to it, and ignore it, like everything else in life; we take the mentality that it does not exist or did not happen. The great thing about today’s world is that we have a vast database of knowledge at our fingertips. More and more is getting out to the public on a daily basis causing widespread enlightenment. People are tired of being lied too. We are tired of being hushed, cast aside and ignored. So we are seeking out this knowledge and taking it upon ourselves to learn from past mistakes of those who came before us.

In my opinion, we cannot continue to ignore or hide our actions nor do a majority of us want too. We must own up to our guilt and make amends for the wrongs of our past. Failure on any scale is a positive thing. It teaches us where we went wrong and what we can do in future attempts to succeed. The problem comes in when we continue to make the same mistakes and repeat history. In doing so we prove we have learned nothing so the experience and suffering held little value.

The atrocities we impose on one another, especially those who are different than ourselves are detestable and unacceptable. More and more people are coming to realize this as time goes by. More and more people are standing up and speaking out against such actions, yet the people we elect to be our leaders ignore us. Why? I think it has many explanations most of which is fear. The question then becomes why do we fear what we do not understand? Why do we act out in hurtful and abusive manners stemming from that fear? Why, if so many people know and understand this and seek to stop it from happening, does it continue to happen?

As individuals, speaking out only adds insult to injury. It is no different than complaining about a long line in the grocery store you had to wait in or traffic that was unusually high volume preventing you from getting to where you are going on time. It just sounds like worthless jabbering in an effort to vent and complain. It won’t ever work to solve major issues we face because there is no value in individuals speaking out according to society.

So my final question is WHEN? When are we going to actually stand together as a unit, a whole, a team? When are we going to create the environment we all seek to live in where everyone is accepted for who they are as a fellow human being?

These are just some of my major thoughts that come to mind after viewing this video. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your viewpoint, I would love to hear what you have to say.



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