Inchoate Dream

I had an inchoate dream last night. One I would rather forget. Unpleasant and scary, this dream or vision as it really was, only lasted a few seconds.

I was riding in the passenger seat of my SUV. I can see the tan dash in front of me with all of its dust specks shining in the light of the sun dancing through the windshield. My daughter was driving. We were laughing at something unknown said moments before the dream started. Suddenly without warning the vehicles in front of us stopped. The silver rear end of a Honda Civic loomed ever closer as we continued our forward motion. “STOP” I yell out as my arms instinctively reach out to brace myself. At first, no intelligible sound uttered out of my daughter’s lips. Only the gasp of fear. Finally, after what seemed hours of time went by, able to speak only two words break the silence, “The Breaks.” Only the sound of metal on metal can be heard after that. The crunch of cars colliding. My sight fades to black on impact as if I had died.

I woke up in that instant. Heart racing, sweat covering my body, and terror, heartbreak, and extreme sadness fill my head. We have a long road trip today in which my daughter is driving. Was this a premonition of things to come? I cannot live my life in fear or change plans based on a dream. The trip must go on. My daughter is reluctant to drive now and has to be forced. It must be done. Just like riding a bike, if you fall you must get back up and try again. Knowledge is power, the power to change an outcome. We have not had an accident, she has not yet fallen. Therefore, she must overcome fear and put the effort forth to try. It will be fine, I am inspecting the SUV before we leave.


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