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Facebook Birthday Charity Campaigns

facebook birthday fundraisers

So my birthday is coming up soon and I noticed on Facebook I keep getting popups reminding me of my birthday and asking me to donate my birthday to a special cause. What does this mean? Well, it means Facebook wants me to start a fundraiser in my name or birthday to honor some charity of my choosing.

Now, I get that the world is turning to the digital marketplace more and more every single day.  This cannot be avoided or disputed. But I do have a huge problem with companies that try and get me to solicit money from my friends and family “For a good cause.”

If you are like me, you HATE the solicitation calls on your phones or the knocks on your door asking for a few minutes of your time. Most of us have put up NO SOLICITATIONS signs on our doors letting these types of folks know they are not welcome. But how do you avoid getting these popups or annoying ads on social media such as Facebook?

Let me just say, I have no problem donating to charities when I can. I am very picky about the charities I donate too and the reasons why I donate. Most of the time I don’t even ask for a receipt and don’t claim it in order to get a tax break. I like to do it of my own free will without asking others to do the same. I don’t need to create a fundraiser in my honor on my birthday in an effort to gain some fame for doing what should come naturally.

Never once have I had a birthday party. Even as a child my birthday was just another day on this earth. I can count on one hand the number of times I have even had a birthday cake let alone any sort of presents. I know saying this makes me sound bitter, but my point is that if I have gone unnoticed my entire life on my birthday, what makes Facebook think that I can ask others to donate to a charity of my choosing on my birthday? And why is it that I just have to be reminded of how insignificant I am in this world?

It is not that I don’t care about certain causes, because believe me, I do. Sure Facebook provides an outlet for your connections to remember your birthday and post a happy birthday message on your wall. But how many of these people actually matter in your life? How many of them truly care about you? How many of them are sincerely wishing you a happy birthday rather than just going through the motion because they got the Facebook notice?

The digital world has some significance, but it is not reality. 364 days a year I put others first. I go out of my way to help when I know it is needed. If I know someone needs help and I have plans, I change my personal plans in an effort to be there for the person. I give my time effort, money, food, clothing, and love to others. I am also a sounding board for others to vent all their woes too. All I ask for is one day a year to relax, forget all of the stress, problems, issues, desires, and woes of others and be selfish. One day a year to think about me first and take care of refreshing myself so I can do it all over again.

Facebook is trying to take even that away from me now by suggesting I become a solicitor for a charity. At least, that is how it makes me feel when I see that ad pop up on my Facebook page. So now I can feel guilty for wanting one day a year to be selfish. I can feel like I am failing someone else in this world by NOT creating a donation campaign for a “good cause.” And now, I can feel like I will be even more unlikeable for stating my unpopular thoughts on this issue.

I just have to take a breath and know in my heart of hearts that asking for one day a year to be selfish and think of me does not make me a bad person no matter what anyone else thinks or says.


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