Life is Unpredictable

Life is unpredictable!

This is a phrase we have all heard time and again. Yet at several points in each of our lives we feel the deep-rooted emotional connection to the meaning behind this phrase. Most of the time it hits us with a negative connotation leaving us with a heavy heart. Overwhelmed, stressed to the max, and fraught with dread we face whatever unpredictable situation has graced our lives with its presence.

We allow the situation to engulf us with earth shattering force as if we are powerless, weak, and incapable of rational thought. These feelings manifest in our reactions causing knee-jerk impulses to even the smallest frustrations. We lash out, yell, scream and curse at others around us as well as inanimate objects (I challenge you to stub your toe and not yell at that table leg). Yet these actions work against us elevating our blood pressure, causing even more problems rather than making us feel better.


Once in a while…

The unpredictability of life can bring something unexpected and positive. If anyone had asked me a year ago if I would pack up and move across the state to a new town that I have little knowledge of and become a home owner again, I would have sworn they were crazy. Sure I had thought about owning a home again. I had even taken steps to improve my credit as much as possible on a limited income working toward that goal.

I honestly felt it was just a pipe dream that I would never see come to light. I would visit sites like Zillow and and daydream about what it would be like to live in one of those houses. How could I decorate it? How many rooms do I really need? What were the most important features for me to have in a home? Did location matter to me? Most of all what price range could I truly afford on my own as a single mom living on SSD?

Cost is truly what prevented me from getting excited about buying a home. Would I ever be able to find a home with the features I wanted in my price range? Was I crazy to even think of owning a traditional home? I already owned my mobile home outright. It was mine free and clear. Yes, I still had to pay a monthly lot rent on it as the property it sat on was ‘rented’ inside a trailer park. The big question was could I find a traditional home to buy with a payment that equaled lot rent without raising the monthly cost more than 10%. Reality check… Not very likely.


Here I sit amonst a room full of boxes waiting to be unpacked, sorted and put away. Sipping my coffee, writing this blog post. I did it. I bought a home. The best part is that it has everything I truly wanted and will be paid off in just 6 years. I know right…. UNBELIEVABLE!!!





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    • Thank you for the compliment. Your support means a lot to me. Sure, I can share on there. I have not shared anything on another blog as of yet can you explain to me the process?


    • That is so sweet of you to offer to help. You are such a good person. I appreciate you and how invested you are in everything I write and how my life is going. You are a very special person I am thanful to call friend. I have already made the transition. Time is now spent unpacking and enjoying my new home.

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