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A Reactive and Recovery Society Changes Nothing

It is simply not enough for a school system to hold an assembly a few times a year and call that an anti-bullying policy. They MUST start acting on a preventative measure ALL YEAR, every single day! Like a drill Sargent…. drill that point home!

Bullying is a LEARNED trait that any child or adult from ALL walks of life and races are susceptible too. It knows no boundaries. Part of the problem is people who stereotype definitions onto certain classes of people. It would be a false statement and certainly will not help the fight against such horrors.

I believe the more awareness we bring forward into society the better things will become. The harsher punishments we give to bullies AND their PARENTS and The school systems involved the more we can start preventing cases like these.

I also believe that schools should have a rating system in place according to how well they stand up against bullies. We sure do focus on the Great Schools rating for test scores, why the hell not for their ability to stand up to bullies?

This rating system should take into account the number of reported cases they have per year and what actions they took on those cases. Names do not have to be told which will allow for HIPA to remain in place. However any action the school took should be made public knowledge. How serious the case was should be public knowledge. If the school failed to respond it should be public knowledge.

Strict gun laws are NOT going to prevent a problem. The problem lies with the disiplinary actions of the schools and parents. The failure from the adults surrounding the teen to be active participants in the kids life. This includes parents and school administration. Therefore those adults should be held accountable just as much as the students who shot up the school.

Maybe if the school system rates poorly on this rating scale, some much-needed government funds will be withheld from them. This should kick them into gear on protecting and preventing rather than reacting and recovering.

Just my 2-cents.



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  1. I agree with you 100%. Bullying in schools goes against policies they claim to hold dear – freedom, equality, solidarity – to borrow some ideas from the French! Excessive competition, narrow curricular focus, over-academic attitudes, all these and other misguided policies can create a climate in which bullying flourishes. Whatever happened to those ideals of educating the whole child?

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