My thoughts

My Writing Journey

From the tender age of elementary school where childhood eyes gaze upon the world in wonder as they discover their surroundings. To the tumultuous life of a teenager bearing the mark of lost innocence and heartbreak. To the age of maturity, where life experiences have developed knowledge and understanding of the world. I have been a writer. It is in my heart, in my soul, and makes up the very essence of my being.

I now, cannot imagine a life without paper and pen or computer and keyboard to express in great detail the thoughts and emotions running feral through my brain. Whether it is a poetic remembrance, a non-fictional comedic rendering of a life event or a fictional world in which my daydreams took me. Writing is a passionate and emotional endeavor providing stress relief and healing for my soul.

I have not taken the traditional path that lead to professional training as a writer. I have not had anything of significant value published as a writer, and have only just begun to pursue my dream of becoming a professional writer as a career.

Over the years, I have started writing projects and been drawn away from those projects by life events requiring my time. Sometimes those life events were so demanding it took me several years to write even one paragraph. However, I have always longed to write.

Those times that prevented me from my writing, left me with a deep void, an emptiness needing to be filled. It was as harsh an ache or deep a wound as one could have. Nothing would heal it other than the act of pouring my bleeding soul out into an emotional accumulation of words resembling coherent thought.

Once the words were safely combined and written in black and white, fear of rejection and failure as a writer prevented me from sharing any of my work. What if I spelled a word wrong? What if I used the wrong punctuation? What if no one read it? Worse yet, what if they read it but hated it? Would there be rave reviews or difficult to hear criticism? Could I handle it constructively and continue my journey or would I shut down and give up just like that?

I imagine these are thoughts that most people have about whatever they are passionately pursuing. As human’s it is natural to have fear. The key, or so I have learned, is not to let our fear rule our brains. For some, this is an easy obstacle they can leap right over. For others like me, it takes years of maturing and training our brains to overcome. Personally, I am in a huge self-help stage of life. I enjoy learning new ways to empower myself, lift myself up and blast myself into the unknown abyss without fear of what is waiting for me out the other side.

Writing and maintaining this blog is just one of those ways I can do just that. I hope you all enjoy what I write.




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