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Featuring Interesting Blogs

Featuring interesting blogs

Due to recent changes in this blog-o-sphere we reside in, I have found myself with an increasing need to help my wonderful community. Hence, my post yesterday about starting a Friday COMMUNITY POOL.

In an effort to continue this forward motion, I have also decided to start a left sidebar widget to my blog. In this left sidebar widget, you will find a blog I have deemed interesting and chosen to feature for an entire week!  Each Saturday, I will choose a new blog to feature which will stay up until the following Saturday.

The featured blog could be from a blog I follow, someone who has commented on one of my articles, a blog from the COMMUNITY POOL, or even the reader and discover pages. Along with having the name of the blog at the top of this left sidebar widget, it will also include links to 2 different articles they have written and a brief paragraph or 2 about each post.

I would like to encourage everyone who follows my blog to check out these featured blogs, leave a comment letting them know how you found them and what you think about their blog or post.

This week’s featured blog is The Ceaseless Reader Writes. Denny has been a loyal follower, friend, and supporter of mine since my return to blogging a year or two ago. Whether it’s book reviews, poetry, or short fiction stories you seek, Denny will deliver. In his own words taken from his ‘about’ section,

“I will rant, rave, or gush about whatever subject sparks my interest at that particular moment or maybe hammer out a quick response to a writing prompt.”

This is definitely a blog you do not want to miss out on. Keep up the good work Denny. We love your insight and delight in reading your articles.


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  1. Oh my gosh, Tonya, thank you so much! I am honored, humbled, and flattered that you consider my blog worthy of this new feature. And supremely grateful! I missed your awesome blog while you were recuperating from your unfortunate accident and have been so happy to read your posts since your return. Monday I’ll be posting my response to Victoria’s 3-day photo blogger challenge, which she tagged me with on Friday, so stay tuned. There’ll be lots of pics of my mundane but busy weekend, and you know I don’t often post pic-heavy blogs.

    Thanks again, my dear friend, and I look forward to what you have to say next!



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