My thoughts

BUT … BUt … But … but …

BUT ...

This one little three letter word carries an immense amount of meaning behind it. 

I would but …

I am overwhelmed.

I can but …

rejection would hurt too much.

I will but …

I hate the thought of it.

It can’t hurt but …

I don’t think I can do it.

I see, but …

you just don’t understand.

When we focus on the BUT, we are focusing on the afterthought which in most cases is the negative in any given situation. It means we cannot see things working out in a positive direction. Our minds are closed off.

If we can somehow manage to leave the BUT out of any given sentence or thought. This alone will automatically change our perspective in the right direction. We will be happier, more focused, and able to reach our goals.

I can …

get that new job.

I will …

overcome any obstacle.

I have …

a positive outlook.

I would …

like to see this through to the end.

I see …

great things happening in my future.

Do you see the concept of leaving out the BUT and what it can do for your thought process? This one little word hinders our progress, holds us back, ties us down, immobilizes us with fear. Most of all it prevents us from being in our wise mind and cements us to our emotional minds. If we know this, why is it we feel such a deep routed need to use conjunctions in our lives? 

We know it is cold outside in the winter. Therefore, if we touch our tongues to a metal post it will stick. BUT … we do it anyway!

I would like to challenge anyone reading this article to a dare. I DARE  you to stop using the BUT conjuncture in any sentence you speak or write for 1 week. Just try it! See how your mindset changes over the course of that week and let me know the outcome.




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