#Paraoke Contest 2018 – Rose Colored Boy

paraoke rosecoloredboy1

My daughter’s current favorite band is Paramore. So 2 days ago when Hayley Williams announced there would be a #Paraoke contest to win tickets to one of her live shows and/or other prizes, my daughter went wild.



As you can imagine, with a teen in the house, this has been the only topic of discussion for the past 2 days. I am always willing to support my children’s dreams and aspirations. Therefore, I was right there ready willing and able to help her make a video to enter this contest. A mother I may be, but, a cameraman I am not. I think it turned out great. However, I will let you decide.

It would be totally awesome if you all left a comment below letting her know how you think she did. Them Ramen Noodles sure do give her a lot of energy. LOL



In the spirit of competition, I will also be sharing a few of the other videos from this contest. These are the ones so far that, aside from my daughter’s, were imaginative, creative, fun, energetic, or just plain entertaining. There are a lot of great videos that have been made for this contest. I have chosen to try not to include the ones where the person is just singing or lip sinking. And of course, I cannot share them all here.  I think the band is going to have a hard time choosing which one will win. ENJOY!







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