I’m a genius of Self-deprecating art

This is a re-write on an older poem I wrote and posted. It just did not fit my level what I could actually do but I loved the concept of the poem itself. How raw it is in connecting with inner feelings. How the suggestion of being self-aware burns deep within all of us. How change can come when needed most if you have an open mind. I love the re-write and hope you do too.


It’s so easy to have self-doubts.
When you’re alone and lonely,
All those negative emotions,
Just seem to find a way out.

The human soul’s such a fragile thing.
Each new experience that comes to pass,
Leaves fragmented pieces scattered about.
It’s pure luck if we get through it without uncoiling.

I am an outsider here.
In this world of delusions,
Happy to stand out yet longing to fit in.
Somehow knowing I would rather, I just disappear.

I realize I’ve built a wall and stood behind it.
Only harming myself as in the mirror I stare,
My demons come from within.
To a new way of thinking I will commit.

For I am my own creator.
The master of my puppet strings.
I have the power to conquer.
To make a masterpiece as the illustrator.

As I learn to control my own mind,
It’s hard to face the truth, all the years of worry,
I’m a genius of Self-deprecating art.
From that career, I am now resigned.

I have stopped the negative emotions.
Slammed the breaks on hard, skidded to a jerking halt.
Reset the destination for life to really start.
I have now earned those promotions.


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